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Financial Analytics

Financial Analytics

Over the past few years, companies have opened their eyes to the value that Finance can bring to many aspects of the business—well beyond the traditional role. Financial analytics can help your organization to get an in-depth insight into the organization’s financial status and improves cash flow, profitability, and business value by prudent financial planning and forecasting.


Evolving Business Models and the emerging and shifting needs of conventional financial department’s needs analytics for better financial decisions and keep ahead in the market. Financial Analytics aims at managing and measuring the tangible and intangible assets, which make it important for an organization. Smart business decisions and minimum financial loss are close principles of financial analytics. DhiOmics helps in enabling organizations to understand and interpret current, past performance and predict future performance to make a better decision by impacting customer profitability, sales Prediction, product profitability, Cash Flow.

Customer Profitability

  • Need:

    Customer profitability is one of the key implementations in finance. Answers to the questions below can help the financial team to answer questions like which customers are the most costly customers? Are customers with costly cars also high spending customers? Which customer segment are high in cost but contributing to less revenue and profitability.

  • Impact:

    Effective Customer Profitability helps achieve financial goals in terms of profitability. It also helps to identify different customer segments in terms of profitability and cost and helps in contributing effective customer policy for an organization.

Product Profitability

  • Need:

    In order to make your customer offerings optimized it is required to know which products are profitable to an organization and which products are causing negative revenue. This also helps in answering questions like what should be the market strategy of particular in terms of cost and features of the product.

  • Impact:

    Product Profitability helps an organization to optimize their product offering, it also helps companies to formulate the company strategy In terms of product pricing and feature offerings, leading to improve margins and profitability.

Cash Flow

  • Need:

    With Effective cash flow analytics companies can help answering questions like money required for day to day operations, what could be the potential cash shortfall in the future, how to increase cash flows for the organizations.

  • Impact:

    Cash flow analytics involves the use of real-time indicators like the Working Capital Ratio and Cash Conversion Cycle and helps the organization to keep turning the cogs and increase the flow of cash by prioritizing the needs of customers. With Cashflow analytics forecast organization can project the amount of money coming into the business (inflow) and the amount of money leaving the business (outflow) so that you can identify a potential shortfall in income and allow you to take action.

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