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R&D Analytics

R&D Analytics


R&D landscape is rapidly transforming by unlocking the value of advanced analytics, Machine Learning, AI, Automation, cloud and design thinking. R&D projects are inherently unpredictable. When embarking on efforts to design complex things, companies often have little idea on how long a project will take, what it will cost, or what they’ll finally be able to deliver to the end customer.

This lead to development delays, cost overruns, launch delays and company’s future strategies. We help organizations in streamlining R&D processes, optimizing product portfolios, analyzing investment decisions, staffing requirements, time-to-market targets and budgeting.

Market Opportunity/Landscape Analysis:

  • Need:

    Landscape analysis provides an insight into the potential market size, projected growth rate, margin and competitiveness (including the number of companies in the market, the level of differentiation among product offerings, and the customer’s willingness to change suppliers)

  • Impact:

    Enabling organizations to make informed decisions regarding product launches, plugging the gaps of actual development time and target date, deciding on geographies to launch the products. This helps in uncovering hidden opportunities for growth and transforming the company’s R&D portfolio strategy from a reactive, seat-of-the-pants process into a far more insightful, objective, and predictive one.

Resource Optimization and Improving Efficiency

  • Need:

    Modern R&D is moving towards avoiding traditional problems of resource optimization and inefficiency. There is a need to improve R&D processes, including some cumbersome, time consuming, or error-prone tasks. Real-time inputs, minimizing risks and root cause analysis for productivity gap are new challenges which require attention in order to hit the target bottom line.

  • Impact:

    Organizations gain an objective view of their R&D performance compared with best-in-class benchmarks. Achieve economies of scale and a competitive edge in the industry. Predictive R&D models provide rapid insights that let companies adjust a project’s staffing or make other changes in real-time, thereby increasing the efficiency of R&D investments.

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