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Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing


Smart Companies are using a mix of Big Data, Advanced Analytics and technology to understand the 360-degree view of their existing customer base, CRM programs for loyal customers and identifying new market opportunities. dhiOmics analytics solutions offerings can help organization in decision making impacting sales and Marketing in multiple dimensions such as Marketing Mix Optimization, Customer Behaviour, and Campaign Analytics.

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Marketing Mix Optimization

  • Need:

    Market Mix optimization helps to find the answer to the following questions: How to quantify the contribution of past marketing campaigns towards current revenue? How to attribute sales to a channel in a multi-channel scenario? How to measure the impact of advertising one SKU over the entire brand/category?

  • Impact:

    Market Mix optimization helps in making the best use of a given marketing budget by allocating the right budget across the right channels. It helps in making the right decision with greater confidence and achieving the best conversion scenario for a given investment.


Customer Behaviour

  • Need:

    Customer Behaviour helps organizations to get a 360-degree view of their customers and find answers such as what customers think about your brand? Who are your loyal customers? What customers are buying on your website? What customer need and what they want?

  • Impact:

    Keeping ‘your eyes peeled’ on such behaviour will help your company to build a connection with the customer, by helping them decide on what to buy and whether they must satisfy the want or their need. Asking the customer pertinent questions to elicit relevant information is a great way to begin understanding customers.


Campaign Analytics

  • Need:

    When organization design campaigns they are various questions which organizations need to answer such as which customers to target? Where to place ads for maximum conversion? What should be the best design for campaigns? Etc.

  • Impact:

    Campaign analytics let organizations decide how to design ads and whom to show the advertisements. This help organizations to have the optimized Return on Investments, Increase CTR thus increase in revenue.


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